About Us

1984 Office In 1984, we were appointed the South East Asia sole agent for a range of floor mats & matting from the state of Ohio & Georgia in United Stated of America. We were the first local company to import floor mats & mating in Malaysia & Singapore.

By 1988, with our expertise and understanding the needs of the Malaysian’s market, we developed our first house brand, known as the 'Grand Canyon' ranges of floor mats & matting. This product has all the qualities for the Malaysian market. With the success of Grand Canyon mats, were then given the sole right to distribute and assemble 'The Electric Insect Killer' range of electric insect killer machines from Osaka, Japan. We are also direct importers of supermarket freezer display matting to supplement our customer’s needs.

In 1989, Kumpulan Angkat was given the sole distributor for safety & shoplifting convex mirror from New York, USA. We began assembling safety & shoplifting convex mirror by the brand name 'Crystal' for Malaysia & Singapore market.

By the mid-nineties, we developed our own range of products from our understanding and technical requirements of customers, these products, 'Force' electric killer machine & 'Force I' convex safety mirror created value for the money products for the general market. These FORCE range of products have a better competitive edge from the other brand and the the sales volume for these product ever increasing.

Kumpulan Angkat (M) Sdn Bhd has done extensive R&D with our American engineers to Air Sterilizers. A lot of man-hours were put into developing the best design to suit the local condition. We begin assembling, the sales of the products are encouraging. The Air Sterilizer is marketed under the brand name 'Super O3' housekeeper model which is hand held model (chambermaid) and the wall unit. Both models are made of stainless steel material.

Factory By late 2006, we launch our first 'Glue Board Insect Trap' which is wall model using food grade glue papers which is known as UV optimized glue board and with further development which due to demand from our client we roll out the Glue Board Insect Trap Model: Iguano60 which is very effective in trapping flies. This Model meets ISO standard.

Kumpulan Angkat (M) Sdn Bhd has done extensive R&D to develop the all New glue board insect trap in early 2008. Our new model are Wave30, Bluestar30 and Tarantula62 which meet the request of our clients which operates fine dining restaurants. The new models meets ISO and HACCP standard by using food grade glue papers.

We have provided more than 30th year of fruitfully services. In 2016, we proudly extend our business to a

Flies Management and Hygiene Specialist Company

We have our in-house range of products such as insect killer, flies trap, air sterilizer, mats and extensive range of cleaning tools, washroom products, toiletries, to fulfil specific need for every building, hypermarket, offices, factory and restaurants. We strive to improve our quality of products and services, provide the best solution to our clients.